ABJ Legacy Enterprise Consulting LLC

Greetings to you! My name is Audra Johnson, Owner and CEO of ABJ Legacy Enterprises LLC. I am so excited that you decided to visit my website. It is my sincere desire to connect with you.  Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I am a Leadership Strategist that has a passion to assist Leaders, Teams and Individuals on any level and age in creating systems that help discover their hidden gifts, talents and marketplace skills leverage and monetize them.

I possess an encouraging spirit by nature and love to help people discover and regain their power, conquer their fears and achieve their dreams by applying active faith-based principles and making positive slow, gradual changes. Whether health and wellness, life issues, healing from low-self esteem, divorce, workplace or personal issues, or creating additional streams of income,  my goal is to help you bounce back and turn your dreams into a reality.

Are you ready to transform? It all begins with discovering your purpose and renewing your mind! There’s more for you but you must believe it and take the necessary steps to achieve it! Live your best life now!

Message me to schedule a DISCOVERY by clicking the “contact” button on the upper-right hand portion of this page.

Other available services are:

Health and Wellness Guidance and Support

Virtual Assistant

Audio & Video Media Editing

Webinars and more products will be available soon.

I look forward to connecting with you!